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Renting a Car

How much does it cost?

30 decembre 2019

Renting at 19 euros

There are several types of car rental offers. In the Caribbean as everywhere else the price is is included in the rental charge depending on the formula chosen. Short term rentals: you will find quite easily offers ranging from one to thirty days. A deposit is required and a valid driver’s license. 

Medium Term Rentals

From 30 days to a few months this is called “average time”. These rentals are done with a framework of contracts detailing the average timeframe necessary. The principle is simple , you agree on a timeframe which often leads to you getting a better price quote. However in certain cases exclusions apply. 

Long-Term Rental

Rates can be standard rental prices. Pricing usually vary from single pricing to double the price depending on the services included. Conditions such as insurance, tires,maintenance, assistance, financial loss etc can all affect the rental price. 

The French Caribbean

All these offers are available in the French Caribbean at international, national, or local car renters. How much does a rental car cost in Guadeloupe? Much more affordable, depending on the policy you will find all types of bargain prices for any budget.

How much does a renting a car cost in Martinique?

In Martinique as in Guadeloupe the rental price depends on the rental period. The rental period revolves around the tourist periods of high or low seasons. The peak season it is harder to book a vehicle which is why clients are advised to book months in advance and booking advance will help you get an affordable rate. 

Renting a car at 19 euros a day

It’s a medium tariff price point. You can find lower prices during the off peak season. It must be noted that during the peak season you will not be able to take advantage of this price. That’s the advantage of a fixed price it locks you into a package that is not subject to varying pricing. In order to be considered for this package you will have to be willing to rent from Alwégo for more than two months. Other conditions apply. 

Renting a commercial vehicle for 19 euros a day

Renting a commercial vehicle for 19 euros a day is possible and is being offered as an option by more and more rental car companies. Alwégo in both Guadeloupe and Martinique offer the client the possibility of renting a commercial vehicle for 19 euros a day. These vehicles are available for rent for the purposes of if you have an accident, to replace a company vehicle that was damaged or even to help alleviate a lack of available company vehicles for a company. Vehicles available for this purpose are :Dacia Dokker, Fiat Doblo, Renault Kangoo, Ford Connect, Mercedes Citan examples of small 3m3 utility cars. 

14 Euros a day 

There are rates that exist at 14 euros a day however these are flash rates for promotional purposes. 

10 euros a day

Ten euros is certainly a rare price quote in the Caribbean. Beware of websites offering this as a deal sometimes it can be difficult to find on the car renter’s website. However sometimes you can get lucky and find ten euros per day price quote during the off peak season.