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Visit Two Islands

Are you planning on visiting Guadeloupe and Martinique?

30 decembre 2019

The best way to experience the French Caribbean is to visit, of course!

It may not always be easy as obstacles may present themselves. One of those being the lack of time to really plan a meaningful vacation. We at Alwégo being a local car rental company can provide you with some ideas for your vacation planning. 

First Question: Martinique or Guadeloupe or shall I say Guadeloupe or Martinique?

Simple answer, why not both?! With ample planning staying on both islands is possible. Remember, both islands are french overseas departments. Everything is basically the same as in France just with some added perks. Book yourself a hotel, your flight, tourist accommodations, your boatride and your rental car. No worries about scams the risk for a scam is about as low as it is in France. 

How many days should one stay?

Ten days for each island would be enough time to explore and discover both islands. Does this mean that you necessarily have to dedicate 20 days in order to discover both islands? You may be thinking that is a little long for a trip. We realise you may have a preference for one island over another. You may even be influenced by a friend who may have already mentioned one island to you. If you were recommended an island by a friend then go! For our part we are neutral and will not recommend one island over the other. Spend 12 days doing a combination of 8 days on one and 4 days on another or 6 days on one and 6 days on the other. You can also choose to arrive on one island and depart from another island. Most companies flying to the French Caribbean offer that as an option. This does not influence the price. 

How to get from one island to another?

If you are looking for a scenic and budget trip then take the boat. Pricewise it is the best option. Opt for the Jeans Liberty ferry between Guadeloupe and Martinique. Starting price can be 59 euros depending on the place of departure. Sometimes you can even find a ticket priced at 39 euros roundtrip. Jeans Liberty ferry is a low-cost company all year round. Due to their pricing they may be overbooked during the holidays, we recommend that you book early. Check their website . You can also travel by plane. Although the timeframe in getting to one island from another is definitely shortened the budget is higher. Prices starts at 300 euros per person roundtrip. Though there are numerous airline companies who fly to each destination the price is not as affordable as it is via ferry. 

Alwégo is always there to welcome you. 

Your local rental company will take care of you at the port and airport of any of the two islands. Therefore you can for example arrive in Guadeloupe via airport leave Guadeloupe by boat and arrive at the port of Martinique(Saint Pierre harbor is the cheapest!) rent a vehicle from that location and and return the vehicle to the airport in Martinique when you are departing for your home destination.