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10 janvier 2020

Rental Car Bookings Martinique/Guadeloupe

Book directly online for your stay in Guadeloupe or Martinique. It’s “convenient and fast”! Book early and get the best deals! Take advantage of our last minute promotions!

Good News:

If you book online you will mostly get the best rates. Advertised and reserved prices on the website are generally 10% cheaper than in the agency.


Things to know:

  • When you perform a price check online, the price quoted is valid. There is no need to call the agency to verify online prices. 

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration. Please do not call the agency to confirm your reservation. If you have not received your email confirmation please check your Junk mail. 

  • During your online booking process all the options you would have access to at the agency will also be offered as choices. 


A Personalised Welcome

Each client is unique and we want to offer each of you an authentic rental experience. Our purpose is to help you choose the right vehicle for you. Navigating the rental car industry can be daunting which is why we are here for you as we pay attention to detail in order to satisfy our customers. 



  • If you have a party of 5 book a 5 car door so that everyone will have their space. Do not book an “urban” 3 car door. They seat only 4 people. 

  • Think about Cargo space! Some cars can fit 2 large suitcases or 4 small carry-ons in the trunk of a car.  

  • If you are a group of 7 a 5 to 7 seater is workable for short trips and parking however for arrivals and departures from the airport an 8 to 9 seater MINIVAN or SUV is recommended. A valid driver’s license is required.

  • Planning on visiting every corner of Guadeloupe or Martinique? Make your life easy by renting a car from ALWEGO! 


“The Famous” Security Deposit

It’s Mandatory! 

If there is an unavoidable term and condition this would be it! Take a couple of minutes to read the following paragraphs in order to avoid unpleasant surprises


  • Before leaving with a vehicle a pre-authorization hold will automatically be placed on your credit card

  • We accept most major credit cards. Debit cards, gift cards, and prepaid credit cards are not accepted. Credit cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard, American Express

  • The card used at the time of purchase must be that of the main driver who must be present at the time of signing the contract. This person is legally responsible for the vehicle during the rental period. 

  • Attention! The amount of the authorization hold can range anywhere from 650 euros to 3000 euros depending on the class model of the rental car. The authorization amount will not be available during the time the rental car is being used. We will place the authorization hold plus the estimated charges on the customer’s credit card

  • Please verify your credit limit on your credit card and notify your bank in advance if the credit limit needs to be increased. 

  • Without a valid pre-authorization the rental car will not be delivered to the customer.

  • If the rental car is not returned on the date and time noted on the rental contract the customer will be subjected to additional charges.


Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold Car Insurance

Speaking of Cards…

The question is often asked what exactly does Visa Premier and Mastercard Gold  insurance cover? The answer is often in the details but we will try to briefly sum them up for you. 

Guarantees Included:

  • Refund of insurance deductible or actual damage

  • Theft of a rental vehicle

  • Vandalism of a rental vehicle subject to filing a police report

  • Valid loss of use charges placed by the rental car company for the amount of time the rental vehicle is out of service

  • Fees 

The main conditions and exclusions:

  • Paid the entire rental contract with your covered card

  • The vehicle is rented in your name

  • There is a maximum of 4 claim(s) per cardholder account per twelve month period

  • The rental contract must be for a timeframe of no more than 15 consecutive days Rental periods that exceed 15 days are not covered

  • Rent from a professional rental car company

  • Compliance with the conditions of use specified in the rental contract 

  • The keys to a rented vehicle (Remember, even if you’re dying to take a dive into the ocean put the keys in a safe place!)