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Creole Expressions

Deciphering the French Antilles with your local renters, Let’s Go!

30 decembre 2019

An nou ay! Is it from Kassav?

An nou ah! (Let’s go!) is an expression that has always been part of the French Caribbean linguistic heritage. Who used it first? An nou ah is definitely from the island of Guadeloupe as creole speakers on the island of Martinique say “ An nou alé”. Nevertheless, the expression fosters solidarity between the citizens of the two islands. It is a momentum that mobilizes everyone. It unifies the islands because it speaks to everyone of all ages. The expression was universally adopted with the release of an album entitled Yélélé in 1984. The track song Zouk-la-se-sél Medikamen Nou Ni sung by the iconic singer Jacob Devarieux who has a deep husky voice first mentioned An nou ay! Kassav a caribbean success symbol. It was such an honor when 35 years later band member Jacob Devarieux agreed to re-record the certain parts of the song as Alwégo’s theme song. An nou ah is now our company slogan and we appreciate the support. It doesn’t matter if you say “All we go”, “alé-go”, or even” A-lwé-go” the message is the same the friendliness and charm of the caribbean is encompassed all in one word. The expression and re-recording was even more significant because it was done just in time for the famous band to celebrate their 40th anniversary in June 2019. Alwégo is as well anchored as is Kassav in the community with over 30 years of experience in the car rental agency business. 

What does An Nou Ah mean?

It means let’s go. A very heartfelt and dynamic “Let’s Go”!

A Popular Expression

Set to music by various artists such as Stony, Stone J , Timo among others. It has also been used in art as was done by plastic sculpteur Laurent Valère who recently entitled his art exhibit “An nou ay”. We hope this article has given you some insight into the creole culture. You are now ready to fly to the Caribbean and drive around town with a car from Alwégo. Alwégo, let’s go!