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Commercial Vehicle Rental in Guadeloupe

Utility Car Rental In Guadeloupe

24 fevrier 2020


The Alwégo car rental company puts more than 30 years of experience at your service. We support our customers and potential customers in navigating the rental car company world. Alwégo has a wide range of utility vehicles such as pick-up trucks, vans, dump trucks etc. available for our customers. To book an appointment =>click here

The “Good Corner” Utility Vehicle 

If you are looking for a commercial vehicle in Guadeloupe such as a van it is much cheaper and economical as an option than in other rental car companies. Generally speaking, commercial cars are quite expensive. Renting a utility vehicle is the best alternative to buying a commercial car. Trust a local car rental company for your business. Alwégo is the best place to rent a utility vehicle at a bargain price! 

Utility Rental at Guadeloupe Airport

Our agency is ideally located in the city of Abymes about 5 minutes from the airport. Upon arrival at the airport our shuttle are available for pick-up only upon request. It is possible to rent a commercial vehicle at the airport or hire a Jarry utility car. Being an independent local renter is Alwégo’s strength and allows us to offer some of the best bargain prices. 

Utility Rental Super U

Neither super u nor leclerc offer commercial vehicles for rent. It is easier to find independent rental companies such as Alwégo who offer utility vehicles for rent at discounted prices. Information to know in reference to renting: Guaranteed deposit ranging from 1,200 euros to 1,500 euros from a credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, Amex). The rental contract is established in the name of cardholder and the main driver. The main driver must be the saùe person who has pays with the credit card. Method of payment via credit card ( Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc), check, cash ( must have a large amount). Unlimited mileage,price averages about 18 euros a day depending on the size of the vehicle chosen. Must be a category b driver and listed as such on the driver’s license. All of our commercial vehicles are diesel vehicles. 

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