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Let’s Go!

Deciphering of the French Antilles by your local car rental company!

17 fevrier 2020




Let’s Go!  “An nou ay” is a Creole Expression…

An nou ay- An nou alé

“An nou ay” otherwise known as Let’s Go is an expression that is part of the French West Indian cultural and linguistic heritage. The question is who used this expression first? Undoubtedly it is Guadeloupe as the “an nou ay” is more often commonly used there whereas in Martinique to say Let’s Go the expression “an nou alé” is more commonly used. Either way it really doesn’t matter because the expression unites the two islands and the French Caribbean community. It gives people a momentum and impulse and mobilizes! 


We believe this expression unites the two islands because it speaks to everyone throughout generations in the French West Indies and the French Caribbean diaspora. The expression was popularly adopted into mainstream society due to the release of a popular music album in 1984 titled Yélélé. One of the track singles by the name of “Zouk-la-sé Sel Médikaman Nou Ni”. People are wooed by the lead singer, of the famous singer group Kassav, Jacob Devarieux enchanting listeners for the better part of 6 minutes. The first 5 notes mention “an nou ay”. 


Some 35 years later the lead singer, of the iconic group Kassav, Jacob Devarieux agreed to re record the the first 5 notes and 3 words for Alwégo. “ An nou ay” is now the new slogan and voice signature for Alwégo which makes us proud of the support. So it doesn’t matter how we pronounce it , the message remains the same. Alwégo symbolizes the warmth of the French West Indies, a symbol that's accessible all in one word. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the group’s formation the expression is more unifying than ever. Alwégo as well is just as established in the French West Indies having had more than 30 years of experience in the car rental field. 

An nou ay translation 

Its literal translation means : let’s go! A very dynamic “let’s go” at that! A popular expression used by artists young and old such as : Kassav, Stony, X-man, Stone J, Tiimo, Kula Ganja etc. 

Channel 10 - an nou ay

The star honest named “Chicanos” called his popular day-time program “an nou ay”. The plastic sculptor artist by the name of Laurent Valère exhibited his artwork with an exposition entitled “An nou ay”. We hope this article has enticed you to come visit us over here in the West Indies! Alwégo, Let’s go!