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Alwégo Car Rental Guadeloupe

Rent a Car in Guadeloupe

6 fevrier 2020


Guadeloupe, this archipelago of a thousand exotic colors attracts many tourists who thirst for discovery. However in order to take advantage of an unforgettable experience while visiting the island one should have a vehicle at his or her disposal. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about renting a vehicle from Alwégo in Guadeloupe. 

The Advantages of Renting a Car in Guadeloupe

Every corner of Guadeloupe deserves to be discovered and explored. Although the island has several bus routes the schedules and frequency of this mode of transportation is quite sporadic at the best of times. If you want to be completely independent in your travels around the island choose a rental car as a form of locomotive. Doing so will mean that you don’t have to wait for a bus or even a taxi. Whether with family or just coming as a solo traveller you are more likely to enjoy your stay on your own timetable in any type of weather , rain or shine. One of the advantages of car rental in Guadeloupe is the affordable rates and the wide variety of offers that you will within anyone of our agency locations. The biggest advantage by far is you will save money by renting a car for your traveling needs. 

The System of Roads in Guadeloupe 

 In general, the roads pose no major problems. Despite the tropical climate the roads are in relatively good condition due to proper and constant maintenance. Like most areas of the world, while you are in the vicinity of the capital city Pointe-à-Pitre, you will encounter traffic jams. There are the occasional roads less travelled that may not have a constant maintenance but most of the cars rented out are suitable for all types of road conditions on the island. If you want to have a beach day or explore different towns it is recommended that you get an early start as you will need the whole day to relish the beach day or enjoy the majestic views that certain villages offer. It would be a shame to spend less than a whole day in a particular area. 

Choosing a car to rent? How do you choose?

First, make the right choice in regards to the following points: 

  • Number of people

  • Route you want to take

  • The budget 

If you are accompanied by your family choose a family car and if you are a solo traveler choose a car that is sporty and short on space. If you want to explore the coastal areas get a 4x4. As for the budget part, you can compare the offers on the internet because different search engines provide different rates. At the same time beware of the different search engine sites as they may provide your info to third party sites. Concerning Alwégo we are a local rental car company and we are not listed on search engines such as Kayak, Auto Escape, Rentalcars etc. You can rent on our website directly which will save you the hassle of having to pay royalty fees. This allows us to offer our customers competitive rates which can be as low as 10% cheaper. 

Additional Information 

Renting a car in Guadeloupe is allowed for those aged 21 years old and older. The maximum speed limit is 80km/h. If you are looking to fill up your gas tank do so prior to 9pm as most gas stations around the island closes at that time.