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Urban Cars with Diesel Engines

To Be Tested in the French Antilles

3 fevrier 2020

Urban Cars with Diesel Engines

To Be Tested in the French Antilles 

There is nothing like a vehicle in perfect shape, easy to drive and with a captivating design that will assist you in enjoying your vacation stay in the French Antilles. Always attentive to the demand of our customer’s, Alwégo relies mostly on the most popular urban car models in order to meet demand. It is true that a car is not only used for getting around. For a much more fun experience, it must meet more qualitative criteria. As for the car models at Alwégo they are economical, comfortable and practical for city and suburban traffic.  

Good reasons to opt for city vehicles 

Compact urban cars have all the ingredients of being fun and pleasurable to drive in. During a stay in Guadeloupe and Martinique you feel the urge to explore everything because the landscape is magnificent and the routes quite numerous. Reason why it is essential to have the best means of transport to live at best every moment. Cars operating with diesel engines are versatile and economical. Which in turn helps reduce the travel costs. While most compact cars offer 60hp which is the minimum for city traffic, it is possible to find models with increased performances. However this is not the only criteria to take into account to really find a rare pearl. Imagine all the problems you may encounter: difficulty in maneuvering, parking issues, seat discomfort etc. Ideally, the best thing to do is to find a car model that can address all of these potential issues. Alwégo helps you find the optimal compact car that suits your needs. 

Diesel Engine, a safe bet! 

What are the advantages of the vehicle compared to conventional cars. If Alwégo Rental Car Company has chosen to position itself on the market it is to the benefit of its customers. Indeed,driving a diesel engine car is a much more pleasant experience. You can drive smoothly without feeling vibrations. Driving remains fluid even in mountainous areas. Which is why a diesel is ideal for exploring the mountainsides of Guadeloupe. In addition, this type of engine does not consume much fuel.  All you need is to refuel at the start of the day is to carry out errands or even a roadtrip to discover all the corners of the island. You do not have to “fill-up” to cover hundreds of kilometers as a diesel car consumes 20% less fuel than a petrol car. The price per liter is at the pump is 10% cheaper. This is why renting diesel cars from Alwégo is more advantageous than any other means of transport. Renting a diesel vehicle from Alwégo rental car company will probably be a more reasonable choice for your wallet, especially if you are on a budget. Furthermore the engine is “invincible”. It resists all shocks and does not easily break down. Good-bye glitches and bad surprises! Alwégo rental car company prefers this type of engine due to its increased resistance and ability to handle the hazards of the road. 

Alwégo relies on the best urban vehicles on the market! 

Power, comfort, excitement, mobility and security. Alwégo knows the expectations of its customers visiting the French Caribbean. If you are choosing an agency specializing in the rental of transport cars it is mainly because you would rather avoid unpleasant experiences. While on vacation your aim is to decompress and destress in order to enjoy every moment of your vacation. For all these reasons, we have chosen to put forth the best economic and compact cars at your disposal so that you can enjoy your stay. Among the fleet you will have the most popular vehicles available on the European market which is becoming a rarity due to strict French government environmental regulations. As you are in the West Indies , you will welcome these cars as they provide the opportunity for the customer to have a pleasant trip. 

Renault Clio 

Drive with confidence with the Renault Clio range of vehicles. The rental cars are recent, reliable, and pristine. The presence of a dual system makes the Renault Clio even more dynamic and easy to handle. In terms of comfort, Renault Clio has a spacious interior enough for four passengers as well as a midsized trunk. The car has an easy to use GPS and a reverse rear view camera which optimizes the driver’s handling of the vehicle when the field of vision is obscured. 

Ford Fiesta 

At Alwégo you can test drive a Ford Fiesta for a day or throughout the length of your stay. With up to 120hp, the Ford Fiesta is a pleasure to drive and can navigate the slopes of the mountainous roads. In addition, with the quality of its engine, it is able to filter out irregularities in the ground which is able to guarantee a smooth ride.  In addition, the brand does not skimp on the details by offering electric mirrors, automatic air conditioner,and a programmable speed limiter on certain Ford Fiesta models. Other significant advantages the Ford Fiesta has precise braking mechanisms and good handling even in difficult conditions. Having low consumption it stands out as the most efficient and economical vehicle in the the Ford range. 


Closely competing with the Ford Fiesta, the Peugeot 208 presents itself as one of the most reliable vehicle choices in terms of quality and rental price. Less imposing than the Renault Clio this city vehicle model presents a good argument for parking. Despite its small size, you will enjoy a spacious and comfortable interior both for passengers and for storing things. The car has a 285 liter trunk, sufficient enough to deposit suitcases and shopping bags in the interior of the trunk. The Peugeot 208 consumes little diesel even at 100 hp power, the car is really worth a try! 

Fiat 500

With its bold design and downgraded look the Fiat 500 sells dreams! Quite naturally, it is in the top ranking of our rental vehicles. You have the choice between green or metallic to shine on the highway. In addition, this versatile car provides a more pleasant driving experience on roads that are can be difficult to navigate. Its compact size allows you to easily park in parking areas. It is a very fuel efficient car and emits less CO2 into the air and is greener than a conventional car. 

Opel Adam

Unmatched in elegance, the Opel Adam is the city car that caters to all your desires. Because beyond its beautiful hull, this vehicle also has good performance under the hood. This vehicle proves to be reliable for a city trip and is not a heavy duty vehicle. The originality of the interior and exterior designs satisfies the desire for luxury. Of all the old models, the Opel Adam has distinguished itself by its aesthetic finish. You will feel privileged to be driving a vehicle that is both chic and practical to do some light travel. Its compact size allows for easy maneuvering in tight places as well as in parking spaces.    

Ford Ka+

Now turning our attention to large cars, the Ford manufacturer has developed this model to compete with other car brands like Citroen and Volkswagen. One of the brand’s premium cars, Ford Ka+ offers a very comfortable driving experience and a quality of life on board that exceeds expectations. The seats not only have chic upholstery but seating comfort is second to none. Inside, you have plenty of storage and supports that make life easier. This modern vehicle also offers a touch console to program certain functions as well as a GPS, USB sockets and smartphone holder. With a maximum power of 85hp, Ford Ka+ offers comfortable driving in the city and on the highway.