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Sainte Luce, Martinique

An Inescapable place

23 janvier 2020

Sainte Luce, Martinique

Sainte Luce a city located in between Rivière Pilote and Le Diamant has a faint smell of rum. Located on the southern coast of the island Sainte Luce is between sea and forest. The city is an inescapable place for various activities such as hiking through the tropical forest of Montravail, nautical activities on its sandy beaches and even discovering the origins of Martinican rum. Due to these reasons and others Sainte Luce is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Martinique. In terms of accommodation there is an abundance of hotels and airbnbs  available ranging from one star to five stars accommodations. The authenticity of this fishing village will offer you all the mosaic of landscapes Martinique has to offer under gentle trade winds blowing in. 

Vacationing in Sainte Luce

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and hills covered with green tropical forests, the city of Sainte Luce has managed to maintain its authenticity despite being a popular tourist attraction. Fishermen and various vendors are often seen along the long stretches of sandy white beaches. If you are looking for a “local feel” while still being surrounded by comforts you are accustomed to Sainte Luce is the place for you. Overlooking the bay towards the island of Saint Lucia with a remarkable view of the Diamond Rock it is quite different from its neighboring cities of Sainte Anne and Trois Ilets which are in and of themselves tourist attractions that have specific economies geared toward tourists. In Sainte Luce, everyone goes at their own pace strolling quietly amongst the luxury and calmness that reign. The hotelieres made no mistake when many chose to setup chop in this natural environment which caters to clientele in search of tranquility. Its’ authenticity allows you to discover the city amongst the natural greenery that makes Sainte Luce, Sainte Luce. Quiet, sweet, and voluptuous the town of Sainte Luce displays a unique charm. No matter the time limit you choose to stay there is one word that reigns “Quiet”. From accommodations to restaurants there is something for everyone all budgets. 


This enchanting city has hotels of all calibers. Hotel chains and independent hotels share a market accommodating lovers, backpackers,families, groups of friends, and solo travelers. You can choose accommodations with or without swimming pools, in the downtown area, on the edge of the rainforest or near the beach, the choice is yours!  In Sainte Luce we encourage vacationers to be carefree. No cleaning, no meal prep in short let everything be taken care of by the hotel where you have chosen to stay. 

Residential Homes (airbnbs, bed and breakfast inns)

At the same time that hotels are popular modes of accommodation you also have have the option of airbnbs and bed and breakfast inns. The most prominent of these being Pierre et Vacances. From a simple room to an apartment suite, the Pierre et Vacances residences located in the Gros Raisin district offers all the services of a village club especially for families with children. Between the immediate proximity of the Pont Café beach and the aquatic areas that offer a span of 650 m2 of swimming pools. For everything that the city has to offer it will leave no vacationer indifferent. It is very easy to find accommodations in a b&b in Sainte Luce. Many locals rent a room, bungalow or garden level ranging from 3 nights to a week to a month or more. Staying in a b&b will allow you time to mingle with the locals and discover Sainte Luce in a more authentic way. You will be immersed in local cuisine, become acquainted with local customs and habits and find yourself turning into a true Luceans.

The town of Sainte Luce

Ideally located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, the small town of Sainte Luce benefitting from a prime location in the heart of a large bay has quickly become one of the top tourist spots in Martinique. This small fisherman’s city combines seaside resort with unequaled charm. Relaxing holidays, athletic holidays, educational discoveries nothing is lacking. In Sainte Luce and along its coral sand beaches nautical activities are numerous from jet ski, windsurfing, and diving. On the other hand, Sainte Luce is also the departure point for several maritime excursions to Saint Lucia and the Grenadine Islands. The Montravail forest maintained by the national forest agency conceals numerous hiking trails between 1 and 4 kilometers easily accessible to all. This crisp forest shaded by large trees covers 75 hectares, measuring up to 250 meters above the sea level. If the scenic view is remarkable, what is more remarkable are the the rocks engraved by the Arawak Indians which prove a presence of native americans before the arrival of european settlers. The city is not only known for it’s natural beauty but it is recognized to be one of the economic centers of Martinique. In fact Trois Rivière plantation and rum factory which produces the rum bearing the same name, was at one point located on the Route de Plages in Sainte Luce. The factory has since been relocated to Rivière Pilote and remains a unique and original place which attracts many rum lovers every year from around the world.  

Getting around town

If you were to arrive to the city via public transportation or through one of the local hotel chains, spending a holiday in Saint Luce without a vehicle will be difficult. Staying put in one place is not recommended. Car rentals companies are not limited to booths at the airport. You can now rent a car at Sainte Luce and if necessary have it brought to your hotel location. You can now rent at Alwégo’s agency located at Sainte Luce. Whether you need a vehicle for an hour or a month Alwégo is available to provide you with a vehicle that most suits your needs. Renting a car via Alwégo will allow you the opportunity to discover the beautiful and mysterious island. Martinique has many surprises to discover. By renting a car you will allow yourself the freedom to move as you please as opposed to having to operate on a tour guide’s schedule. Remember you are on vacation and sometimes you should not be inconvenienced by the constraints of others. Some excursions can even be pricey. Access to various beaches on the island also requires a suitable means of transport. 


Along the Caribbean Sea, Sainte Luce has always enjoyed an exceptional climate conducive to the cultivation of sugarcane. It is therefore here that the first settlers established a colony in the 17th century. At first the division of territory between the settlers and native americans was uneventful however as time went by the Europeans chased the native americans from their land. The city also happened to be a victim of many attacks from the English , with one attack completely burning down the city in the 18th century. Over the centuries the town has developed around fishing and production of sugarcane. Although today most of the sugarcane plantations have closed down the rum industry is still alive and well. One of them being the famous Trois Rivière rum factory. It is the pride and joy of Sainte Luce. Although it has since relocated to Rivière Pilote you can still visit the old rum factory. It has become quite a tourist attraction. As for sugarcane it also remains the dominant agricultural production in the small city of Sainte Luce. 

The infrastructures 

With nearly 10,000 inhabitants Sainte Luce has seen its population double in 30 years. Having become modern it offers many of the infrastructures and comforts that are offered elsewhere. Located 23 kilometers from Fort-de-France, Sainte Luce is connected to the prefecture of Martinique but also to the airport by national route #5. With an economic network of more than 1,000 companies on site Sainte Luce offers many more or less precarious jobs directly linked to tourism and agriculture. Among the more than 1,035 companies listed on the municipal list, 30 or more than employees. In addition to the classic infrastructure of a city of this size, the city has a brand new media library. The Sainte Luce media library aims above all to be a cultural, economic and social center geared towards the Luceans but also towards the whole population of the southern agglomeration. As part of the sustainable development approach, the structure, which covers 1,500 m2, meets the expectations and needs of residents in terms of new technologies. Multiple computer stations connected in network, very high speed, many modern technologies for a population open to the future. The media library contains a library, concert hall, auditorium, state of the art sound system, exhibitions and play areas etc. In short, the Sainte Luce media library is the “place to be” for everyone in Martinique. Sainte Luce also has 2 colleges, 1 high school, 1 vocational school, 5 elementary schools, and 2 nursery schools. 


If culture holds an important place in the hearts of Luceans, sports also has a special place in Sainte Luce. Labeled sports territory, Sainte Luce strives to offer many quality sports infrastructure. Among these infrastructures we can cite the municipal stadium, the sports plateau of Bourg, the beach volleyball court cop, a tennis court, a gymnasium, a bowling pitch...Five flagship sports clubs are emerging, among them the Espoir Sainte Luce which has a football section and a volleyball section, a second soccer club the FEP Monesie, a bicycle club Espoir cyclistes de Sainte Luce, martial arts club the Squale Club, and a track club called the Phoenix Lucéen. 

Beaches of Sainte Luce 

With several dozens of kilometers of coastline Sainte Luce offers a maritime conducive to beach life. From white sand beaches to more rocky beaches, from shaded beaches to those battered by the trade winds. Sainte Luce is a seaside resort choice in Martinique. 

The beaches 

There are seven major beaches all of which are relatively easy to reach by car and equipped with open huts to protect you from the Caribbean sun during mealtimes. Accessible hiking trails for families or solo hikers allows you to discover majestic views. Almost all of the beaches in Sainte Luce offer breathtaking views of both Saint Lucia and the Diamond Rock. To access most beaches in Sainte Luce you have to go there via car and it is rather less shaded than other beaches. The main beaches are: Anses de Gros Raisin, Pont Café, “bodyguard” beach, Fond banane, the small desert beach, and Anse Mabouya. 

Aquatic activities

Amidst tourist development aquatic activities have largely developed in Sainte Luce. There is something for all ages such as excursions to Saint Lucia and the Grenadines, scuba diving, jet skiing, and sailing. One last thing! Whether you are staying in Sainte Luce or passing through, you will still need to hire a vehicle. To rent a car in Sainte Luce consult our agency in Sainte Luce. Otherwise, you can rent a vehicle from the airport Aimé Césaire when you arrive which is another available option.