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Driver's License Requirements

Who can drive a rental car?

30 decembre 2019

Driving a rental vehicle- Permit B

The driver’s license class B allows you to drive a car (with or without a trailer). To obtain the category B driver’s license you must be at least 18 years old. However, someone 15 or 16 years old can obtain a learner’s permit.You can register for a driver’s test via a driving school or on your own. Once successful, you are issued a certificate (CEPC) while waiting for the driver’s license to be issued. Permit B is valid for 15 years ( except in the case of withdrawal of points or your license being suspended). 


Temporary Driver’s License

Some rental car companies accept the use of a Temporary Driver’s License. However, this is quite rare. Exclusions apply, young driver’s cannot use a temporary driver’s license. Conditions apply: 1) the driver must be over 23 years old at the time of rental transaction and 2) must have more than 2 years of driving experience. Renters who do not fall into these categories are rarely accepted by car rental companies. In the rare instances young driver’s are accepted a surcharge fee will be added as well as added insurance coverage. Few rental companies accept young drivers due to the higher accident rates associated with this age group. Most insurance companies will not cover the risk when renting to young drivers. 


Copy of Driver’s License

Renting a vehicle with a copy of your driver’s license is not an acceptable form of id. The reason being very simple in order to prove one’s driver’s license is in fact still valid we need the original license for verification purposes. The same rule applies to a frequent customer or a first time customer. 


Renting a car in order to learn how to drive

Some specialized rental car companies offer dual car rental packages to those who need to learn how to drive. This is a specific package involving specific insurance coverage. Before renting a vehicle ask about their specific insurance coverage for this purpose. Inquire about fees, no-fault claims or if there any exclusions that apply. At Alwégo we have chosen not to offer this to individuals wanting to learn how to drive but rather to driving schools. It is often taken advantage of by driving schools who have a surplus of learners or in case of a car needing to be temporarily replaced. For these reasons we can offer dual car rental packages.