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Cultural Legacy


30 decembre 2019

The largest tree in the Lesser Antilles

There are more mangroves than forests in the West Indies however in the northern part of Martinique there is a tree called Zamana it is one of the largest trees in the Caribbean. 


International Fame

The tree won the public’s prize in 2016 nominated the “Tree of the Year”. The tree was part of a list of contestants in the European Continent prize of 2017. It represented France and came in at fourth place. This Zamana tree which is located on the former sugar plantation of Céron dates back at least 3 centuries draws many visitors year round. 


Human Chain

Once you are face to face with this majestic tree take the opportunity to lean against it and press your hands and face against it. If you are a follower of the Sylvotherapy concept and have a habit of tree hugging in order to get energy from trees. Be aware that in order to do so you have to be part of a human chain link of ten people in order to be successful. You will have guaranteed sensations.


Diamond Rock

If all cities in Martinique are whimsical then the city of Diamond is …..

Its namesake exudes luxury, beauty, and purity made famous by Marilyn Monroe. However, this Diamond refers to the rock that lays just offshore bathing in the warm and transparent waters of the Caribbean. The rock shaped like the precious stone has hues of blue when the sea and sky meet. 


The History of the Diamond Rock

It was originally a haven for pirates. After hosting privateers,the British took control of it due to it strategic location. The rock was occupied at different times throughout history by both the British and French. Diamond Rock is overrun by prickly shrubs and cactuses. There are caves that are uninhabitable. It was even once a reptiles haven. Once home to a ground snake known as Lacépède or Liophis Cursor. The snake was believed to be extinct however in 2017 there was a sighting of a snake which signaled a return of the species. 


Our Advice

If you want to see the Diamond Rock we recommend you rent a vehicle from our rental car agency in the city of Diamond. Reserve online at or call Carrine our Branch Manager at the Diamond car agency location at +596696437407 or better yet visit our location. We would love to have you, we serve coffee! 


There are 3 different locations from which to view the Diamond Rock.

  • In front of the Diamond Alwego Car Rental Agency.The location is prefered by couples as there is a bench from which you can observe the rock during the evening time.

  • The observation post is a recommended choice for observation of the rock during the day. There are many detailed descriptions in english at this post.

  • The beach is ideal either during the day or at night. For families during the day and lovers at night.

Anyway you choose the Diamond Rock allows you the choice to do as you please. Let’s Go!