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Flights to Guadeloupe and Martinique

Low cost flights? Which airline?

30 decembre 2019

5 airline companies fly to Guadeloupe and Martinique from France.

1) Air France the national airline offers the customary flights to both Guadeloupe and Martinique. Departures are from Orly West. 2) Air Cariabe a french private company offering bargain prices, affordable meals and good service. Their airline fleet is recent. 3)Corseair International a German airline which employees are 20% shareholders, mainly boeing fleet. They have 4 classes with a business class being among them. They sometimes share their flights with Air Caraibe. 4) Level airlines it is an inter european airline company who offers low cost travel but be careful look at the fine print! In the event of a rise of low cost airlines all airlines offer bargain prices of up to 200 euros during the off peak season. 

Some tips for your flight to Guadeloupe and Martinique

Be weary of the flights involving layovers. The flight direct is about 8 hours adding a layover will add at least an hour more to this and cause you further fatigue. Do not neglect your comfort level. Even if you have a high tolerance level there are a few inconveniences to a long flight that will be mentioned in the following paragraph.

If you are tall our advice is to sit in a seat near the exit doors this way you will be able to avoid having people wanting to lean over you in an effort to use the restroom or for something else. If you are on the larger size try to do the same or seek advice of the airline company. Favor chewing gum over candy as it can equalize pressure reducing possible discomfort you may feel on a plane.