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The Beaches of Guadeloupe

Seaside Destination

10 janvier 2020

With some 400 kilometers of beaches with varied colors and aspects Guadeloupe remains an essentially seaside destination. But this colorful patchwork of nature’s beauty is most appreciated by the locals who never miss an opportunity to go to the beach. These beaches are oftentimes full with beachgoers especially towards the end of the week/weekend. Many of the beaches have been equipped with huts which are often used by families on the weekends. It is a whole day event of spending time with family and having a picnic or a bbq. Depending on whether you are on Grande Terre or Basse Terre none of these beaches have the same profile, the same charm and the same atmosphere. Faced with the recent awareness of the fragility of these ecosystems, the emphasis is regularly placed on raising awareness and protecting the coastline. When the turtles lay their eggs on the beaches it is a sensitive period. 

On Grande Terre

Mainly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Grande Terre offers a wide choice of beaches which all have in common that they are covered with very white sand, surrounded by coconut trees which swing nonchalantly in the trade winds. The beaches also offer surfers a way to continue to work on their passions. These beaches are often bordered by breathtaking trails that provide scenic views. Family beaches and wild coves also share the coastline of Grande Terre. 

On Basse Terre

From the north to the south, the beaches of Basse Terre come in various colors from immaculate white to a purple and black hue. These color variations are due to the proximity of the beaches to the volcano. The dazzling white of the islets of the seafaring Grand cul-de-sac turns to ivory on the Saint Rose coastline which then starts to turn a goldish color as soon as you start approaching the Deshaies. Along the “Windward Island” coastline the beaches start to darken in color up until you reach Malendure. Becoming ebony in color the sandy beaches of Trois Rivières or Pointe Noire shine when illuminated by the sunrays. Although less touristy the southern part of the island houses some of the most paradisiacal beaches such as the Grande Anse de Deshaies, known worldwide for its unforgettable sunsets.  

The beach, one’s living space in Guadeloupe 

As mentioned previously the beaches of Guadeloupe are often visited by tourists and locals alike. It is quite natural that a local economy has formed around the beaches. Restaurants, food trucks, ice cream trucks, fruit merchants, and other vendors all form an integral part of the economic landscape. There are places to eat, to drink, and to shop. Oftentimes near the shade of the various trees present there are haute couture gastronomy creole results that offer a range of delicacies. Rarely will you not see a vendor selling a coconut sorbet as a refreshment. 

Nudist Beaches

Guadeloupe does have its fair share of nudist beaches. In particular the nudist beach of Deshaies. It is not easily accessible. It is about a 10 minute walk through a steep pathway covered in exotic fauna. You will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive on its sandy beach. It is an area that is relatively calm due to low pedestrian traffic. 

Pearl Beach

Pearl beach is located in Riflet about 40 minutes by car from Pointe à Pitre in the north of Basse Terre not far from Deshaies. It is a nice and quiet sandy beach much quieter than the nearby beach of Grande Anse. Parking is relatively easy. There may be some large waves at times however it is relatively calm. This beach is the backdrop for the television series Murder in Paradise. It is the location where the commissioner's house is set up during filming. There are restaurants around just in case you’re hungry. Thanks to Alwégo you can take advantage of this adventure by renting a car from us.