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Lover's Bathe

Bain des Amours

10 janvier 2020

What to do as lovers in Guadeloupe - Here are some of our suggestions

Located to the south of Basse-Terre , the Bain des Amours takes shape on the side of the Caribbean Mountain. Take a few steps on the path that crosses the tropical forest and you will find yourself intrigued by one of the most magical places in Guadeloupe. Immerse yourself in the love basin which has a temperature of 30°C/86°F and is surrounded by trees. What if the “Love Bathe” opened the doors of paradise to you?  

Go the Bathe of Love in Dolé

Because you have taken the path known as the school children's walkway you will find yourself on the national road #7 which stems from Trois Rivières. Situated away from the city center of Gourbeyre, you can easily find the Bain des Amours.It is close to the Capès bottling plant center. Though there is a parking lot onsite it is not uncommon to find drivers parking on the sidewalk. If you choose to park on the side of the road it is not a problem. 

Gourbeyre’s Bathe of Love, popular with the locals

Known for its medicinal properties due to its warm waters it is popular with both locals and tourists alike. For decades the sulfurous waters that flow from la Soufriere have proven their benefits. These waters have been said to be able to relieve joint pain, relax muscle tensions, and soften one’s skin. As with everything be mindful not to dunk your head under water especially concerning children. Do not forget to read the safety instructions and recommendations at the entryway. The signs are posted on top of the steps.  

Bain des Amours

After walking thru the descent which is wheelchair accessible you will soon find yourself in the heart of the rainforest standing under the canopy of trees. The perfectly landscaped area invites you to relax, let go and daydream. The warm waters flowing from the mountainside swirls up in a pool of absolute charm and romance. The heart shaped bathe is a relatively recent edition which allows for many people to experience the magnificence at one time. It has a depth of 50 cm and is 5 meters wide. Once you are in the water you can rest your arm on the ledge, tilt your head back and sungaze. Let yourself be lulled by the water. If you aren’t happy while there that just means that perhaps happiness is hard to come by for you. The bathe is also known as Bain des amours de Capès , it is a public bathe open to all. 

Dolé’s Bathe of Love, the wilderness version

Dolé belongs to the town of Gourbeyre. The bathe is well furnished and easily accessible. On the other hand if you want a more authentic version by walking north some 200 kilometers you will come upon a naturally made pool. Be aware the water is a little bit less hot than the heart bathe water.