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Automatic Gear Car Rental

Automatic Car Rental in the Caribbean

30 decembre 2019

Are you planning on spending your vacation in Guadeloupe or Martinique?

With Alwego take full advantage of every moment thanks to our practical, adapted and very economical offers for an automatic car rental. Choosing an automated transmission means enjoying undeniable advantages for a successful stay. An automatic car is very nice for urban use. Whether is a compact car or a luxury car Alwégo will always offer you what you need. 

Small Automatic Rental Car 

The model types available are limited. The french market is slow to open up to the market of budget automatic cars. All the automatic car model types are not made equally. The difference is the distinction between a normal automatic car and a car with a “piloted” clutch.   Sometimes the box can be equipped with two clutches one even speed and one odd speed. This is the principal of the double clutch gearbox. Cars like the Renault Twingo EDC and Volkswagen Polo DSG7 contain this system of gears. Automatic transmission offers an easier maneuver capability. The robotized box is theoretically faster and more sporty. Alwego has selected vehicles equipped with efficient and comfortable transmissions. Whether you are alone or in a group a varied selection of vehicles will meet your expectations. You will be able to find the “perfect” vehicle to be able to drive around and discover beautiful landscapes. 

Accepting the automatic car

At Alwego we know vacation goes along with comfort. It is therefore natural that the automatic rental car has become “THE” essential service for customers. Forget the inconveniences of a manual shift car and enjoy the scenic views available due to the ease of driving an automatic car. Is driving an automatic car a bit of a mystery for you? Do not panic all you have to do is push on the accelerator to go forward or push on the brake pedal in order to come to a stop. It only takes a few minutes of driving the automatic car to be able to full adopt it as a car of choice. 

An auto car rental in the caribbean at unbeatable prices

With Alwégo spend less for an automatic car rental  and spend more on your vacation! Forget the other offers from other car rental companies. With no hidden fees and depending on the model discover the island of Guadeloupe starting at only 33.01 euros per day. Here there are no surprises awaiting you. There are no hidden fees or other questionable information. You can ride safely without worry. As you can see being able to afford to visit and drive around in Guadeloupe is obtainable. We have vehicles for all tastes. Do you have a preference for a small model car? Driving in a pickup is one of your dreams? With Alwégo choose the right vehicle for your needs! Compact cars such as a Renault Clio or a Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2 have air conditioning and 5 doors. Suvs are a perfect way to go for families. Cars such as the Nissan Qashqai , Dascia Duster and Opel Crossland X are great SUV choices. Pick-up trucks will also allow you an opportunity to go on an adventure and live moments you will never forget! Minivans are also available for groups 7 to 9 people strong. This will allow the group the opportunity to travel together at all times and not be separated. Do you need a commercial vehicle? We have that too! Anyway you choose  you’ll enjoy your dream vacation in Guadeloupe. Choosing Alwégo for an automatic car rental is choosing to rent a vehicle with the best rates. Let our car model types seduce you for your holiday stay!