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Top Places to Visit in Guadeloupe

23 decembre 2019

Best Places in Guadeloupe 

We want to be your favorite car rental company for your road trips in Guadeloupe so we took the time to prepare a list of sightseeing attractions. We wouldn’t want our clients to miss out on all the best Guadeloupe has to offer!


Pointe des Chateaux 

Located at the eastern point of the island in the town of Saint François, Pointe des Chateaux, will undoubtedly remind you of the landscapes of Brittany,France. Once you arrive onsite you will enjoy a magnificent view of the crashing waves against the majestic rocks.You can also admire the magical panoramic view by walking up the stone steps all the way up to the cross on top of the peak. The road leading to Pointe des Chateaux is lined with numerous inlets where you can stop for a quick swim. 


Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Aquarium

Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Aquarium is a must especially for lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving. This exceptional site is a protected nature reserve. Coral reefs, sea sponges, turtles and multicolored fish are just some of the many things that will enchant you.There are different snorkeling tour excursions, tour boats and kayaks available to choose from in order for you to discover these wonders. We recommend both the diving and snorkeling as each activity will help you experience a “colorful” dream. 


Cascade aux Ecrevisses

Located on the Mamelles roadway the crayfish waterfall is easily accessible by foot. It is the ideal place for a swim and to have a picnic. The scenic walk through the rainforest and its lush vegetation will enchant you. 


La Soufriere Volcano 

Soufriere Volcano is located in the southern point of the city of Basse Terre at an altitude of 1467 meters.  You can attempt to explore the volcano by hiking which can last for three hours. This hike is best suited for people who are physically fit. It is recommended that you bring water, comfortable hiking boots and possibly a tour guide.  


Les Saintes

A visit to Les Saintes is a must do when you come to Guadeloupe. Located south of Guadeloupe’s shores, Les Saintes were populated by French colonizers. You can still find their descendants living there today. The maritime companies CTM Dehers et Val’Ferry offer daily ferry service to Les Saintes from the town of Trois Rivières.Once there you can rent a scooter or car at the pier. If you choose to you can easily discover the island in one day.  Don’t hesitate to discover and taste the island’s delicacy “Tourment d’amour” a delicious cake. 

 La Datcha et Gosier Ilet

From Datcha beach you can take a boat ride for 5 euros to Gosier and spend the day there. You can also enjoy a nighttime swim at Datcha beach. The beach is well lit at night you will find tourists and locals alike mingling in a very friendly atmosphere. 


Carbet Falls

The Carbet Falls is located within the city of Capesterre-Belle-Eau in the town of Basse Terre. Carbet Falls is not only one of the most impressive waterfalls of the Caribbean but it is also the most visited tourist attraction in Guadeloupe. Accessibility to the falls is possible via hiking which can range anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Please check weather reports prior to embarking on the hiking trails.


Le Bain des Amours

Located in the city of Gourbeyre the "bain des amours" bassin nicknamed for lovers is naturally heated. It takes about an hour drive to get to however it is worth every minute.